Community Development

In addition to providing housing, the Williamson Housing Authority seeks opportunities and partnerships with others that will improve the quality of life of our residents. The WHA recently opened a Parent Education and Resource Center. This center, located at Goodman Manor, will provide opportunities for our public housing families to connect with valuable resources, participate in health, nutrition and safety classes, and receive one-on-one services when needed and available. The monthly Schedule of Inspections and Resident Activities also shares information regarding upcoming classes and services, offered solely to our residents and their immediate families.  The classes are FREE OF CHARGE! Please contact Jamie Maynard or Tawanna Wright at (304) 235-3270 ext. 104/108 to register in advance. Classroom space may be limited.  

The Authority owns three community buildings. 

  • The Smith Building, located behind Williamson Terrace, which houses the Family Enrichment Center.
  • The Liberty Heights Community Center
  • The Adkins Building, located behind Victoria Courts, which now houses Kids and Company Daycare

The Authority is interested in supporting a resident-owned business or a nonprofit organization, by providing office and classroom space at minimum rent. 

In addition, the Authority leases space to small businesses at Goodman Manor. Businesses include Kathy’s Avon Shop and Gerzis' Hershey's Ice Cream shop.