Apply for Housing

Application Process

Applicants may apply ONLINE HERE, stop by the WHA administrative offices - located at 16 West Avenue, Goodman Manor Suite 1, Williamson, WV to pick up an application. No application is turned away. Applicants may also call (304) 235-3270 to speak with one of the Authority’s professional leasing staff members or 

Upon receipt of the application, the Housing Authority date/time stamps it.  The application is then reviewed to ensure it is complete and to answer the following two questions. 

1. Is the applicant's income eligible?  Income eligibility information can be found on HUD’s website at (Applicants who are not income-eligible will be notified in writing and their application will not be placed on the waiting list.) 

2. Is any person listed on the application also listed on the Authority’s NO TRESPASS LIST? If a member of the household is found to be on the Authority’s NO TRESPASS LIST, the applicant will be notified in writing and given the opportunity to appeal the decision.  A copy of the Authority’s current NO TRESPASS LIST and the policy governing the LIST can be reviewed during normal business hours. Click here to view the No Trespass List

If determined eligible for public housing, per HUD guidelines, the Housing Authority then places the applicant on the waiting list.  The Williamson Housing Authority does not provide preferences. 

The waiting period for a unit can take up to six months.  Frequently, families miss out on housing because the Authority is unable to reach the applicant.  The Williamson Housing Authority encourages all applicants to contact the WHA office once every 30 days to keep their application active.  Applicants are notified by mail when an offer of housing is pending.

The Housing Authority always contacts the landlord and/or employer references the applicant provides with the application.  The applicant's references must include “former” landlords and should include past and current employers.  Family members may not serve as references. 

Applicants should include up-to-date contact information for each reference listed.  The Housing Authority can and will deny housing to any applicant who fails to provide references.  Applicants with a history of disturbing the peace, property damage, failure to pay rent in a timely manner, or other complaints will be denied housing. 

A criminal background check is completed on every adult member listed on the application.  Criminal background checks will not be run until the Housing Authority is prepared to offer the applicant a unit. The Housing Authority’s Admission and Occupancy Handbook (ACOP) outlines in detail what criteria the Authority considers when denying occupation based on the results of the criminal background check.  Applicants are welcome to review the ACOP during regular business hours.  Click here to view the Admission and Continued Occupancy Handbook (ACOP).

The Authority’s leasing staff contacts eligible applicants and offers them housing when an available unit comes open, of the appropriate bedroom size.  Applicants may turn down an offer of housing, once. If the applicant turns down a second offer of housing the applicant will be removed from the waiting list.  The applicant must then submit a new application and be placed back on the waiting list.

When an offer of housing is pending the Housing Authority will schedule the applicant for an appointment.  At that time the applicant will be required to bring in proof of income and birth and social security records for every member of the household.  Before housing is offered the Head of Household must be able to obtain utilities in his or her name.  The applicant must also provide a security deposit and the rent payment for the current month.  Household income and unit size will determine the Total Tenant Payment (rent.)  Once the “paperwork” is completed all adult members of the household must participate in an orientation.  Upon conclusion, the new tenants are given a key to their new home and information on local services.

WHA Security Deposits
1 Bedroom = $450 2 Bedroom = $500 3 Bedroom = $550 4 Bedroom = $600

Residents of the WHA will discover that they are only a few minutes away from several grocery stores, banks, shopping malls, health care providers, entertainment centers, public schools, community college campuses, and numerous restaurants and social service providers (DHHR, DMV, post office, public library, and court house.)  

One of the perks of living in public housing is that all units are regularly maintained by the Authority’s professional maintenance staff.  Maintenance services include lawn care, unit repairs, and ongoing inspections to ensure that the WHA’s grounds and units are kept in a safe and sanitary manner.

Development Bedroom Size Utilities the Head of Household must obtain in his/her name Washer/Dryer Other
Victoria Courts
502 Gum Street
1, 2, 3 Water, gas, electric 
Utility allowances are applied.
Hook up provided Playground
Street Parking
Williamson Terrace
1026 Vinson Street
1, 2, 3 Water, gas, electric 
Utility allowances are applied.
Hook up provided Playground
Unit Parking
Liberty Heights
325 Liberty Street
2, 3, 4 Water, gas, electric 
Utility allowances are applied.
Hook up provided Play area
Unit Parking
Goodman Manor
16 West Fourth Avenue
1 All utilities are provided Laundry Rooms Street Parking